Communist Witch Hunt already happening in Eastern Visayas

Reports talk of statements from Malacanang showing a disgruntled Duterte lashing out, yet again, on Filipino leftists and those he alleges as involved in a major conspiracy to topple down his government. The difference from before is that today, he has essentially given marching orders for the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to arrest “communist fronts” in broad day light and launch a full-scale offensive against armed rebels of the New People’s Army (NPA) upon the finalization of an administrative order declaring the CPP’s armed wing as a terrorist organization.


But these statements come as a no brainer for the people of Eastern Visayas, his announcement predicating the persecution of legal activists and community organizers are reminiscent of harassment cases in recent weeks. Youth activists from the League of Filipino Students-Metro Tacloban Chapter have raised notice of suspicious men suddenly frequenting the entry portals to the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College particularly in times when they had activities held outside. Anakbayan officers also report of a man going about UP Tacloban grounds asking for their names and requesting some utility personnel to tip him off should they be holding meetings and where.

Last November 14 two men had broken in the office of People Surge, a national alliance for disaster survivors, in the middle of the night stealing a laptop, office documents and four flash drives. People Surge Secretary General, Marissa Cabaljao, has also seen a flurry of allegations hurled against her for her involvement in seditious and extortionist activities in Western Samar even if she’s been based in Tacloban City for the past four years. In November 13, Carlito James Badillo, a local peasant leader was illegally abducted by the 87th Infantry Battalion and tortured while detained.

Carlito ”James” Badillo, local peasant leader from Tag-alag, Samar. Photo from Almond Del Rosario.

Even human right advocates from as far as Northern Samar are being openly defamed. Sargie Macallan, Katungod-Sinirangan Bisayas’ provincial chairperson based in Catarman, tells of a certain DJ Whisper operating a small-time radio show sponsored by the military who singled him out for being an accomplice to the New People’s Army a day after he led a dialogue between a peasant community and army officials in the province.

Sargie Macallan, Katungod-Catarman chairperson talks of DJ Whisper and 20th IB sponsored radio program

In Eastern Visayas, all provincial chapters and member-organizations of BAYAN have raised a red flag indicating that several areas and communities are experiencing multiple cases of militarization and public red-baiting. Much of this has to do with the mounting inclination President Duterte has in suppressing public dissent, as seen true enough in his crackdown on progressive organizations nationwide. These harassment cases are being done with so much temerity and confidence that its almost as if they were intended to serve as a ‘’head start’’ for military elements before a major witch hunt finally comes into full swing like during the time of Major General Jovito Palparan when he was assigned to the region and in the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos three decades ago.

What can be asked of us is simple, the first step in overcoming tyranny is protecting the space we have in exposing it. These spaces include the streets, the alleyways of urban poor communities, footbridges, highways, schools and universities, parks, factories, the airwaves and social media. If these spaces are taken from us we have essentially lost the right to assemble against abuses and call-out government policies and officials. Right now, these spaces are being taken from us piece by piece: KADAMAY protesters in front of the National Housing Authority were brutally dispersed today, as if they did not pay for the streets they stood in protest with. Earlier, fishermen from Navotas and Cavite launching a fluvial parade were halted by the Philippine coast guard simply because “they’ve not allowed to rally”, even the open seas have been made unavailable to voice out our grievances. Everything we do, from the things we say to the people we meet, are all being monitored closely by the state to assess their stability instead of assessing their policies. If there is a time to act, now would be it.

It is immoral for us to allow the Philippines to descend back into a dictatorship, unapologetic of its dying people and unashamed of its atrocities against them. Together, let us resist the crackdown!


6 reasons why we should fight the US-Duterte regime

It seems to be a generally accepted fact that Duterte is indeed a fascist like all those who came before him. There isn’t any notable discussion or debate about whether or not Duterte’s government violates human rights or crosses the line between instilling a culture of discipline versus a blanket of terror. As a matter of fact, both the Social Whether Station and Pulse Asia surveys indicate a good amount of fear shared by the general public induced by Duterte’s war on drugs, corruption and patronage is still a widely accepted reality and there is no significant voice debunking the aerial bombings in Mindanao and other parts of the country.
So what’s the fuss all about?
What is central to the public discourse about Duterte is not whether he is a fascist dictator or just a misunderstood politician, everybody is acutely aware that he rules with an iron fist. Rather, Filipinos are divided on the issue of whether or not his fascism is justified. This uncertainty is the principle reason why Duterte still enjoys popular support, news from television and print media paint a national image of suffering and desperation that many are inclined to believe we need fascism to reign supreme if only to curb poverty, crime and other immediate concerns of national importance.
It is incumbent upon progressive opinion makers, thought leaders and mass organizers to help people understand why we should not let fear cloud our critical judgement and withdraw from properly discerning our political situation. We created this list of reasons that will prove the importance of moving against tyrannical dictatorship, the adverse universal impact of militarism as an instrument of national policy and the urgency behind exposing the ill-intentions of the present administration.
1. Bases in Marawi ground zero 
Photo from Aljazeera
In a speech addressing the army made yesterday, Duterte admits he will build a military base in Marawi city, one that is close to the resettlement sites after the Maute-AFP led siege in order to mitigate a future resurgence of terrorism in that part of Mindanao.
In the same breath, Duterte called out the perversion of Islam to suit the agenda of terrorists and referred to acts of terror as something almost exclusively committed by Muslims who don’t understand their faith.
Of course, if you have a president that holds the absurd belief that terrorism is the product of poor theological discernment it should be reasonable to believe that the enforcement of terror-mitigating policies will not be free of a xenophobic culture intent on discriminating and even falsely accusing innocent Muslims to meet with security ends. In a recent statement, Duterte also supported soldiers who allegedly looted houses and business establishments after the AFP retook the city from Maute.
Essentially, Marawi refugees will wake up everyday to the site of soldiers surrounding their communities having forced to live with a cloud of fear and paranoia over their heads, the very same soldiers whom they blame for the ”overkill” in aerial bombings that laid waste to the ancient city and the looting of personal effects and private property from the country’s national Muslim minority.
2. Terror-tagging a revolutionary government
Photo from Alfredo Mapano
Just a few days ago, Duterte declared the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People’s Army, as terrorist fronts. In addition, the country’s top executive threatens to crackdown Bayan, a legal group of activists that he alleged as conspirators of terrorism.
After having repeatedly dropped peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) ever since February, Duterte said he no longer wants to recognize the CPP’s objective as a political revolution and instead says they have descended into banditry and acts of terror. But Duterte cannot (and should not) casually drop the legitimacy of the national democratic revolution because it represents a mass base amounting to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who believe in the democratic reforms promised by communist rebels. Furthermore, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines has already immortalized their recognition of the revolutionary force’s belligerency when it signed the Hague declaration and other subsequent documents, meaning the whole point of having conceptualized a peace process to begin with is the admission that there are two existing governments in the Philippines: the mainstream government led by Duterte and the revolutionary government of the people.
If Duterte is intent in reducing the socio-economic agenda of the revolution and its instrument of armed struggle as nothing more than terrorism then he has come to a point where he considers any form of meaningful change an affront to the ruling order. In short, Duterte is no less than a true born reactionary hell bent in preserving the status quo. The mere fact that he has extended his threat to legal organizations like Bayan is evidence that he will target all that forwards a challenge to the monopoly of
political power- even if they are protected by the law itself. 11 human rights activists from Karapatan had already been illegally arrested on the day Duterte announces his crackdown of legal activists.
3. IACLA- A Ghost of the Past
Photo from Philippine National Police
In line with his crackdown of progressive groups and mass activists, Duterte orders the constitution of IACLA or the Inter-agency committee on legal action which will spearhead the filing of charges against revolutionaries, and because its absurd to file charges against rebels who dont even make it to the courts if caught, the brunt of IACLA filed cases will be of legal mass activists (most probably from organizations under Bayan and Bayan itself) who are persecuted for their involvement in mass demonstrations that call out government abuses and community formations that teach the people how to systematically respond to social and economic woes.
Duterte is aware that the greatest checks and balances to his political hegemony is a united people so he brings back President Gloria Arroyo’s Inter-Agency Legal Action Group that indiscriminately files trumped up charges against anyone who so much as hints at political dissent.
4. AFP recommends the extension of Martial Law beyond December 31
Looks like we were right from the beginning. When Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao last May, Bayan was among the first to predict that this would be the first step Duterte would take in normalizing the idea of military rule and pave the way to institutionalizing its practice as nothing less than a go-to-mechanism for regimes losing public support.
After having seen for themselves the things to be gained in military rule: unrestricted access to communities, unfettered power and a sudden out pour of government resources for its implementation, the military is set to convince President Duterte to extend Martial Law in Mindanao beyond December 31. Of course this has something to do with numbers 1, 2 and 3. Mindanao has one of the strongest presence of revolutionary groups led by the CPP, if an extension in Martial Law is intended to pacify existing terrorist organizations and Duterte considers the CPP as terrorists then the focus of the military will be to persecute communist rebels immediately after they finished off Maute forces in Marawi late last October dimming further the possibility of the peace talks resuming. But they’ve been at it for decades now and they still can’t make Mindanao NPA-free, so to channel their frustration and drive a dent to the national democratic movement, the AFP will now focus on red-tagging (or in this case terror-tagging) alliances, institutions and organizations directly involved in organizing communities for massive protests and other patriotic initiatives but are actually independent from the CPP-NPA-NDFP.
5. Immediately after leaving the Philippines, US President Donald Trump invests more than 100 million dollars in the AFP
Trump pub final
As if on cue, President Donald Trump seemed rather enthusiastic after having sent more than a hundred million US dollars to the Philippines to support anti-terror initiatives by the AFP and Marawi rehabilitation (Which at this point may include the construction of the Marawi military base) when the ASEAN and East Asia Summits had concluded last November 14.
There is no doubting the direct hand the US is playing in not just influencing but specifically directing the position of the Duterte administration in important policies. The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) permits the construction of foreign military bases and the positioning of foreign troops on Philippine soil. Is it possible that the new military base in Marawi will be foreign owned? After all, in the speech revealing his intent to construct one President Duterte referred to the fact that many years ago a military base did exist in Kilometer 0 found in the city. His historic justification points to a 1950s directive from the Philippine government declaring Marawi a foreign military reserve, so it may just be possible if not definitively so.
6. House moves to add special powers to the PNP-CIDG after Duterte admits that operating the drug war should be transferred back to the PNP.
House Bil 4863 or the “Strengthening The Philippine National Police – Criminal Investigation And Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) By Restoring Its Authority To Issue Subpoena Ad Testificandum Or Subpoena Duces Tecum” was recently approved by the House of Representatives yesterday in a bid to reduce criminality in the country. However, because of strengthening the CIDG the House of Representatives had effectively given a government agency with a bloody record of abusing its authority a leeway to harass innocent civilians in the process of conducting fishing expeditions against communists, rebels and other government targets.
A strengthened CIDG may also mean more extra-judicial killings and police sponsored violence, after all CIDG officials had also been responsible for the bloody slay of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa earlier this year.
Despite downplaying its possibility, hints of Duterte declaring a revolutionary government has persisted and lingered with reports circulating that the matter has been casually discussed in cabinet meetings among other venues. Even Duterte had admitted of the gains he could get in declaring one. But while the President has repeatedly denied its possibility, after a thorough analysis of the political situation based on the above points,  we can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that somehow recent political developments are prepping the road towards a revolutionary government-Duterte style.
No doubt, a strengthened CIDG plays in favor of the possibility that Duterte will declare a revolutionary government and needs a police force fully equipped in curbing dissent in the urban centers, no different from when the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos who used the Philippine Constabulary to commit atrocities against human rights on a national scale.
The extension of Martial Law in Mindanao may be one of the most crucial steps towards a revolutionary government because it will give the administration the opportunity to hunt down NPA rebels without having to paint an international image that the Duterte government had changed government systems because of political turmoil. It is important for Duterte and his military clique to package the declaration of a revolutionary government as a way to expedite economic reforms and not as a method in ending a powerful rebellion especially after he had succeeded in presenting himself as a strong leader before his fellow ASEAN leaders and to President Donald Trump himself. Changing government systems from an elected-Presidential system to what can essentially be considered a dictatorship will damage his reputation as an uncontested ruler in the orient. So first things first, use a publicly ratified constitution with constitutional mechanisms in ending rebellions to add some sort of ”decency” in the crude act of exterminating peasants and workers in full revolt.
Crucial as it is, Martial Law however is not enough. History has taught modern autocrats that a single and generalist policy for laying a blanket of fear is not enough to convince the people not to protest and overthrow the incumbent administration. Measures must be undertaken to track and dispose of those who are not afraid to rally and protest amid military rule. So those who organize in the streets and launch public demonstrations will be hunted down and tagged, not as revolutionaries-who in times of Martial law earn a sense of affection from the people- but as cold blooded and inhumane terrorists. This is where the crackdown on Bayan and its member orgs will come in and the IACLA will smoothen the process of doing so.
But who will this dictatorship be for? Will it be for Duterte and his lapdogs in cabinet? Will it be for his friends in the higher echelons of the military? Well, yes. But ultimately the not-so revolutionary government that is forthcoming will serve the interest of the United States of America- The Philippines longest running imperialist plunderer.
The US support for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership which lifts trade blockages and tariffs that are impediments to free trade, the recent edict from Malacanang to hasten the removal of Foreign Direct Investment barriers, the lifting of the open-pit mining ban nationwide and other neoliberal economic policies all have one thing in common: They serve the US.
In a world market dominated by US surplus capital, who stands to benefit from a Philippines with no trade barriers? Whoever invests the most in the Philippines, pump priming the economy has the greatest say in domestic economic policies. If the United States already has billions invested in the country to have the level of influence it has today, how much more will it be willing to invest in an investment-barrier free country just to gain the last few votes in government? And if 97 percent of all profit that comes from the national mining industry goes to the US and Canada, who’s in line to gain from Cimatu’s open-pit mining ban reversal?
The United States.
In the end it’s not just a battle among Filipinos. On a greater scale, our role in the determination of our world’s future is affirmed when we are met with the choice of rejecting US hegemony or wholeheartedly accepting it. The greatest threat to their success are the armed communist revolutionaries, who from the cold war have long fought imperialist aggression worldwide with their own armed advances, and a broad united people who believe in the patriotic ideals of national sovereignty, independence  and freedom from the yoke of foreign exploitation. The United States has seen what a united people can do, they have seen it in China when their invading forces were vomited out in the early 1900s, they saw it in Vietnam who gave the United States their most humiliating defeat in the past century, they saw it in Cuba when Havana had practically thrown out the US-installed Batista and they see it in the Philippines, in the national democratic movement that has persisted despite international terror-tagging, bombardment from foreign and local military forces, orchestrated subversion by global intelligence groups and widespread poverty in the span of nearly five decades.
Why should we fight the US-Duterte regime? Because we have been repeatedly told we cannot. Far be it for elected representatives and foreign powers to undermine the raw strength of a people who’s rich history of revolution and struggle has painted a global reputation against oppression that cannot be undone by anyone or anything. Being willing to fight is a sign that we are critically analyzing the concrete situation of the Philippines, it means we have arrived at a point of unity against our oppressors, a level of political consciousness that indicates selflessness and an appreciation for our posterity as a nation. Why fight? Because it is our responsibility to ourselves, to each other and to the world.
Fill the streets, fill the mountains. Be unafraid.
Photo from Eastern Vista

Defend our national patrimony, dump Trump says Eastern Visayas activists

It is a conundrum why a President who claims to be against the exploits of the United States half a century ago is so eager to welcome their leader to the country in the present. If countries like the United Kingdom have voted to ban the visit of Donald Trump on the basis of racial slurs, elitist posturing and remarks against women then it should be easy for a country like ours to deny entry to a man who represents decades of human rights violations, war crimes and economic displacement to a people who have fought and won their independence with sweat and blood.


Not only is Trump responsible for pressing difficulty on immigrants and worsening the wars with different countries in the East, Trump was also caught praising Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody campaign against drugs last April when he made a special call to Malacanang. By that time, more than 10,000 people had already been killed by the administrations drug war and international human rights groups had already called on other governments to compel the Philippines to end its tirade against the urban poor. This just goes to show that Trump is no less than a tyrant himself, a fascist replica of Duterte in the west.

In so far as the progressive alliances and mass organizations of our region are concerned, Trump is no friend of the East and neither that of the Philippines. The United States has been relentless in preserving the backwardness of our economy and the suffering of our peasants by nudging the landlord class towards land and crop conversion to serve the narrow interest of the foreign market. With agricultural lands being converted into residential spaces, tourist destinations, information and technology parks it is no wonder why the contribution of farmer-output to the regional gross domestic product back in 2013 has yet to be recovered even after four years of “rehabilitation”. The fact that there is no aid given to farm workers and peasants in Eastern Visayas is evidence that the Duterte administration has abandoned the majority of our people and condemned them into poverty. The poverty of the peasantry will push the able and young to join the service sector, a sector meant to serve as grounds for the circulation of imported goods in the context of a semi-colonial society, and solidify the United States’ hold over local production, whatever may be left of it, to serve the raw material demands of large American corporate magnates.

Under the Trump administration, the deregulation over the agriculture sector nationwide is all but sure. Trump has hinted on the forging of international free trade agreements that are more suited to the interest of its parties, and is short for saying that he will pursue the exact same thrust as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement but will use a different name for it, one that does not reverberate anything that has to do with the old Obama administration. So the policy of free trade remains the same, and just like Obama, it is impressed on the Filipino people under Trump. Behind the fragrant and simplistic appearance of ‘free trade’, agri-liberalization makes its way into all the frontiers of our country, into every farm and every province until the whole agriculture sector is nothing but an unconditional supplier of cheap raw materials to be processed into finished goods that will be jam packed into the Philippine economy once again, only that it is exponentially more expensive.

Trump will not come alone to the Philippines. He will bring with him the heat of war and all the suffering that comes with it. As the United States is further embroiled into a nuclear crisis with North Korea, it is obvious that his Asian trip is designed to win the support of Asian heads of state and governments in the hopes of solidifying the American hold over the East. But North Korea carries with it the confidence of a socialist economy and the industry that can support a nuclear weapon’s program enough to threaten the world’s strongest military force. The Philippines’ accommodation of Donald Trump will involve the country into an inevitable melt down between the two countries, for sure the Duterte administration will religiously enlist itself in a war the United States has made all because he is emphatic of pleasing his foreign masters.

For the sake of our economic sovereignty, for the sake of our peasantry and for the sake of our patrimony, the Duterte administration must reject the visit of Donald Trump and stand on behalf of an free nation ready to rescind all lopsided agreements we have with the United States and build a truly independent Philippines with an equally independent foreign policy.

#BlackFridayProtest | Martial Law, diri kabatunan para makab-ot an kamurayawan para ha katawhan han Mindanao – BAYAN SB

Pahayag han Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Sinirangan Bisayas ha Adlaw han Black Friday Protest

BAYANEV BlackFriday Protest
Mga alyado nga organisasyon han Bayan Sinirangan Bisayas naglansar hin rally kadugan han nasyunal nga #BlackFridayProtest. Photo (c) Kelvin Tonzon Facebook account

MAY 26, 2017


Hugot nga ginkukundenar han Bayan Sinirangan Bisayas (BAYAN-SB) an pagdestroso, pagsunog ngan pag-okupar han mga pasilidad ha mga komunidad nga binuhatan han Maute group nga nagresulta hin kahibang han mga kinabuhi ngan pakabuhi, sugad man ha kadislokar han yinukot-yukot nga katawhan han Marawi.

Pero, hugot nga gintitipahan han BAYAN-SB an deklarasyon ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte nga Martial Law ha bug-os nga isla han Mindanao, kahuman han nagin enkwentro giutan han tropa han Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ngan Maute group ha siyudad han Marawi.

Dako an tahap nga an deklarasyon han Martial Law in pitad nga nahimugna tungod han kunsabuhay han imperyalismo nga US ngan an mga lokal nga mga niyutiyo hini sugad kan DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana ngan an pira pa nga mga pasista nga elemento ha gabinete ni Duterte. Ha pagpatuman hin balaud militar, igin-abre hini an dako nga posibilidad ha pagsingabot han mga pasista nga elemento han estado ha ira gahum pampulitika-militar, nga nahitatabo bisan pa man hadton waray pa igdeklara an Martial Law.

Mahibabaruan nga sobra 8,000 na an pinanmatay tungod han “drug war” ngan mga insidente hin pagkaso, pagdakop han mga gintatahapan nga kaaway han gobyerno. Halaba na gihap an rekord han AFP ngan han Philippine National Police (PNP) ha pagtalapas han tawhanon nga katungod.

Ha pag-intindi ha kamutangan han kagubot ha Mindanao, diri angay hingalimtan han katawhan nga an imperyalista nga US asya an numero uno nga terorista ha bug-os nga kalibutan. Ginhimo ngan gin-armasan han US an mga IS groups ngan Abu Sayyaf para tagan hin rason an iya interbensiyon militar ha mga nasud kun diin mayda hiya dako nga interes ha karukayaknon han ekonomiya.

Sugadman han katatapos pala nga ika-33 nga Balikatan Exercises nganhi ha Sinirangan Bisayas, ini nga presente nga panhitabo ha Marawi City in usa nga perpekto nga oportunidad nga sisingabuton han imperyalista nga US ngan mersernaryo nga AFP para pakusgon ngan himuon nga lehitimo an ira mga opensiba kontra ha tanan nga pwersa ha Mindanao, ma-terorista man o diri.

Diri angay hingalimtan han katawhan nga an padayon nga gerra ha Mindanao in resulta han pira ka-dekada nga pananalumpigos han imperyalista nga mga nasud ha pangunguna han US ngan han mga lokal nga naghahadi nga klase. Padayon nga ginhihikawan an aton mga kabugtuan nga Moro han ira katungod nga magdesisyon para ha ira kalugaringon nga kagawasan hini nga mga pwersa.

#BlackFridayProtest in Tacloban City
Photo (c) Kelvin Tonzon Facebook account

Kinahanglan kitaon ni Duterte nga damo an mga armado nga grupo ha Mindanao sugad han New People’s Army, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) ngan Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) nga kaistorya han gobyerno ha peace talks. Posible ini makaguba o mahingadto ha mas tikagrabe nga gerra ha Mindanao ngan ha bug-os nga Pilipinas.

Diri solusyon an pasista ngan militarista nga pagresolba han krisis panseguridad ha siyudad han Marawi. Sanglit, angay nga dagmit bulkason ni Duterte an iya deklarasyon han Martial Law. Diri angay hingalimtan han katawhan nga samtang diri nareresolba an ugat han gerra sibil, diri la ha Mindanao kundi ha bug-os nga nasud, diri makakab-ot an tinuod ngan panmaihaan nga kamurayawan.#




Martial Law will not bring peace to the people of Mindanao – BAYAN EV


MAY 24, 2017


BAYAN Eastern Visayas declared opposition to President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law for the entire island of Mindanao in light of the siege involving troops of the Armed Forces of the Filipinos and the Maute group in the city of Marawi.

“The declaration of Martial Law is suspiciously an orchestrated response masterminded by US imperialism and its local running dogs such as DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and many fascist elements in the Duterte cabinet. Instead of restoring peace, Martial Law will open not only Marawi City but the entirety of Mindanao to state security forces notorious for human rights violations,” said Rey Miranda, Bayan Eastern Visayas (Bayan-EV) Secretary General.

Yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte made the announcement through Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella. He is bound to return home today, cutting short his official trip in Russia.

“Let us not forget that US has crafted and armed IS groups and the Abu Sayyaf Group to justify its military intervention not just here in the Philippines but all throughout the world. Like the recently concluded 33rd Balikatan Exercises here in Eastern Visayas, the crisis situation in Marawi City is a ticket for US’ local war hawks and the mercenary AFP to legitimize and intensify their operations against all forces in Mindanao, “terrorist” or not,” added Miranda.

Meanwhile, Bayan EV has condemned the destruction and occupation of civilian facilities attributed to the Maute group.
“The various struggles in Mindanao are borne out of decades-old oppression and exploitation and the denial of the right to self-determination of the Moro peoples. Ekonomya pa rin ang usapin dito. Duterte must abandon the militarist response to the situation in Mindanao and instead redirect the government’s efforts to forge just and lasting peace by resolving the roots of all armed conflicts in the country,” ended Miranda.
Bayan EV is set to hold a mass action for peace today in Tacloban City.#

#StandWithMarawi #JustPeace #NeverAgain #DownWithUSImperialism



Secretary General
Bayan Sinirangan Bisayas
Contact info: 09295551343

Tipahan an Balikatan 2017 ha tahob han HADR training – Bayan SB

May 12, 2017

Balikatan 2017 ha tahob han HADR trainings , gintitipahan han mga patriyotiko nga grupo

Naglansar hin usa nga gios-protesta kanina han alas singko han kulop ha Rizal Avenue ha syudad han Tacloban an mga progresibo nga grupo ha pangunguna han Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Sinirangan Bisayas para ipakita an ira pagtipa ha iginlalansar nga Balikatan 2017 exercises ha siyudad han Ormoc ha Leyte ngan Guiuan ha Eastern Samar. Iginbuksas han militante nga alyansa an mapan-uwat nga ehersisyo-militar han US ha nasud Pilipinas ha tahob han humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) trainings.

Pormal nga nagtikang an Balikatan exercises yana nga tuig dida han Mayo 8 ngan nakatalaan ini nga magtapos dida ha Mayo 19. Sumala ha mga report, hi Presidente Duterte na mismo an nag-suhestyon nga humanitarian assistance an magin sentro han ika-33 nga RP-US Balikatan yana nga tuig. Kasumpay hini, nakatalaan nga mag-ayad hin mga eskwelahan ngan maghatag hin mga serbisyo sosyal an mga visiting forces ha Ormoc ngan Guiuan. Sumala naman ha mga tag-protesta, usa la ini nga pag-kondisyon han US agud utro nga umabuyon an katawhan Pilipino nga mag-base hira ha nasud Pilipinas.

“Pagbulig” para han interes han US, kontra ha katawhan

Sumala ha People Surge, alyansa han mga biktima han mga kalamidad, diri kabalyo han mga ayuda nga iginhahatag han US ha mga biktima han mga daguraot an soberanya han nasud Pilipinas. Mahinunumduman nga ginpirmahan ni hadto Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin ngan US Ambassador Philip Goldberg an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, nga nagtutugot ha mga sundalo han US nga mag-base ha Pilipinas ngan libre nga gumamit han mga rekurso, lima la kabulan matapos lasurbuhon han superbagyo Yolanda an Sinirangan Bisayas.

Pira ka adlaw naman ugsa an ika-tulo nga anibersaryo han superbagyo Yolanda, iginpahinumdom naman han US Navy an ira paspas ngan aktibo nga pagbulig ha mga lugar nga naapektuhan han kalamidad komo pagbaton han mga hadto kritisismo ni Duterte kontra kan anay US President Barack Obama ngan han naghulga hiya hin pagpa-iwas ha mga sundalo han US ha nasud.

Basar han pahayag ni People Surge Secretary General Marissa Cabaljao, gingagamit han US, an numero uno nga contributor ha natatabo nga Climate Change, an mga kalamidad para himuon nga lehitimo an ira pagbase ha sulod han nasud ha tahub hin “pagbulig” ngan “pag-responde”. Dugang pa niya, nagpapabilin nga an paghut-hot ha katawhan Pilipino an rason han kada taglagudti nga “maupay” nga pitad nga gin-hihimo han US.

Gintudlok naman han tagapagyakan han Gabriela – Eastern Visayas nga hi Gina de Veyra an sunud-sunod nga Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programs han US ngan han mga burukrata kapitalista han nasud matapos an mga nahimo nga “pagbulig” han US ha mga biktima han Yolanda.

“Nagpapakita la ini nga diri nga diri para ha interes han katawhan an ginhihimo nga pagbulig han mga kano kundi para la gihapon ha ira kalugaringon nga interes ha ekonomiya”, pagmalatumat ni de Veyra.

US, may baratunon pa ha katawhan han Sinirangan Bisayas

Utro nga iginpahinumdom han League of the Filipino Students – Metro Tacloban Chapter ha katawhan han Sinirangan Bisayas an mga pan-aabuso ngan krimen han US ha rehiyon. Usa na hini dinhi an natabo nga pagmasaker ha maabot singkwenta mil (50,000) nga mga sibilyan ha Balangiga ha pamaagi nira nga “scorge the earth!” kun diin ginpatay an mga kalalakin-an nga na-edad hin diyes anyos pa-igbaw. Maabot naman hin 150 nga mga residente han Calbiga ha Weste han Samar an ginpanmatay han mga sundalo han Estados Unidos dida han tuig 1900.

“Sukwahi han igin-eedukar ha aton ha eskwelahan pinaagi han presente nga neoliberal nga sistema han edukasyon ha nasud, waray bisan san-o nag-protehir an imperyalista nga US han aton interes lugod ira la gin-siguro an ira makusog nga impluwensiya ha nasud Pilipinas”, sumala kan Mira Legion, LFS – Metro Tacloban Chairperson.

Padayon man liwat an panunukot han Gabriela ha brutal nga panhitabo kan Jennifer Laude, usa nga transgender nga ginpatay hin usa nga US Marine nga hi Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton nga naka-base ha Pilipinas pinaagi han VFA-EDCA. Pagmalatumat ni de Veyra, diri harayo nga mautro ini nga panhitabo bisan pa man ha proklamasyon nga diri igintutugot ha mga visiting forces an paggawas ha ira mga kampo kun waray upod nga AFP personnel.

Pagpaiwas ha mga tropa han kano, iginpanawagan

Natindog an Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Sinirangan Bisayas nga diri dapat tugutan an presensya han mga sundalo han Estados Unidos ha nasud tungod nga usa ini nga dako nga pagtalapas ha igindeklara nga soberanya han nasud Pilipinas.

“Pinaagi han diri patas nga kasarabutan giutan han gobyerno han Pilipinas ngan US sugad nala han Visiting Forces Agreement ngan EDCA, naghahatag na kita hin katugutan ha imperyalista nga nasud nga manginlabot ha aton domestic affairs”, pagmalatumat ni Bayan – Sinirangan Bisayas Secretary General Rey Miranda.

Dugang pa niya, nahihimutang ha kadelikaduhan an nasud Pilipinas pinaagi han pagbase han mga numero uno nga terorista ha bug-os nga kalibutan. Gin-tagan man liwat niya hin duon an presente nga paghulga han North Korea nga andam hira bweltahan an mga base-militar han US nga naka-posisyon ha mga alyado hini nga nasud sugad han Pilipinas para la depensahan an ira kalugaringon nga nasud kontra ha agresyon han nasud. Ginpapaduroy man daw liwat nira an tensyon giutan ha Pilipinas ngan Tsina hiunong ha West Philippine Sea.

Dugang pa han Bayan-SB nga ulang gihap ha pagkab-ot hin tinuod nga kamurayawan an US labi na nga amo ini an numero uno nga nananabotahe han iristorya pangkamurayawan giutan han gobyerno han Pilipinas ngan han makawala nga grupo nga National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) sumala ha Kamurayawan, nagduduso han Just and Lasting Peace nga kampanya. “Mapapamatud-an ini pinaagi han ira direkta nga paggiya han presente nga kontra-insurhensiya nga programa han Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) nga Oplan Kapayapaan nga gintatahuban gihap hin Community Development Projects”, sumala kan Kamurayawan Spokesperson Joshua Sagdullas.

Ha katapusan, gin-ayat ni Miranda hi Presidente Duterte nga tindugan an iya mga pulong kontra-US ngan an iya mga proklamasyon nga pabor unta ha interes han katawhan. Iya man liwat iginpanawagan ha katawhan han Sinirangan Bisayas ngan han bug-os nga nasud nga maging mabinantayon ha mga mapan-uwat nga pitad han Estados Unidos.###

Rey Miranda
Secretary General
Bayan Sinirangan Bisayas

US-RP Balikatan Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief: Pantahob ha interbensyunismo militar han imperyalista nga US

Giya ha Pagtalakay | Igin-andam han Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Sinirangan Bisayas

Impluwensiya militar han US ha Pilipinas, nagpabilin nga makusog ha administrasyon Duterte!

Ha luyo han kontra-US nga mga pahayag ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte sugad han iya agresibo nga mga pulong nga pabor ha pag-undong hin independent foreign policy, nagpabilin nga makusog an impluwensiya han imperyalista nga US ha nasud, labi na ha karukayaknon ekonomiya ngan militar, ha sakob han administrasyon Duterte.

Makusog nga iginrehistro han katawhan an panawagan nga igbasura an diri-patas nga mga tratado giutan han Pilipinas ngan US, bisan ha pagsulod pala han bag-o nga administrasyon, kundi nagpabilin gihap nga konserbatibo ngan diri tangkod hi Duterte ha iya mga pulong nga tumubtob la ha “pag-kanselar” han joint military exercises han US ngan Pilipinas, pero diri hul-os nga pag-utod hini.

Nagpabilin an diri-patas nga kasarabutan sugad han Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) ngan han Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). Landaw nga nagin operasyunal an EDCA labi na katapos bulkason han Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army (CPP-NPA) ngan han gobyerno han Pilipinas (GRP) an interim unilateral ceasefires han pareho nga gapil pati an anay pagka-suspendir han negosasyon pangkamurayawan o peace negotiations dida han bulan han Pebrero.

Naghagudalan han anay kautod ha GRP-NDFP peace talks an pananabotahe han mga elemento han Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ha lugaring hini nga ceasefire declaration kun diin nahipatik an ceasefire violations ha sobra 500 nga baryo ha Pilipinas. Nagpabilin nga kaway han imperyalista nga US an AFP nga nagsasabotahe han peace talks.

Balikatan 2017

Yana nga Mayo 8, pormal na nga nagtikang an Balikatan 2017 ha siyudad han Ormoc ha Leyte ngan bungto han Guiuan ha Eastern Samar ngan magtatapos ha Mayo 19.

Basar ha pahayag han Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement (PCVFA), an pwersa-militar han US in mabulig la ha pagtukod hin mga eskwelahan ngan paghatag hin serbisyo sosyal ha Ormoc ngan Guiuan. Hi Presidente Duterte na mismo an nag-suhestyon nga an paghatag hin Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) an tutukan han “visiting forces”.

Yana nga tuig, 80 nga sundalo tikang ha Australia ngan 20 tikang ha Japan an mabulig ha maabot 2,800 nga sundalo ha Pilipinas ngan 2,600 nga sundalo nga Kano ha ira ehersisyo militar. Bisan man kun gintanggal an maritime exercises pabor ha HADR, nagpapabilin nga waray iba nga tumong an Balikatan Exercises yana nga tuig kundi an estratehiko la gihap nga pagposisyon han US ha iya pwersa pan-giyera ha nasud.

Gingagamit an HADR ha Balikatan agud makuha an simpatiya han katawhan Pilipino

Tungod han makusog nga propaganda pagbuksas han pamasista ngan paniyupi han imperyalista nga US ha nasud Pilipinas, ginpamaagian han US kun tiunan-o mapapahamot iton iya kalugaringon agud makumbinsir an katawhan Pilipino. Ginpahaluag pa han US an iya mga aktibidad pan-psywar o pagkondisyon ha huna-huna han publiko. Hugot nga nakigkunsabo an US ha mga burukrata kapitalista ha gobyerno agud utro nga hangkupon han katawhan an pagbalik ha nasud han mga base militar han US tikang han palayason ini han katawhan hadton 1991.

Ginkukumbinsir nira an katawhan Pilipino nga sangkay nira an US ngan mayda hini pareho nga interes ha kaupayan han kadam-an nga mulopyo, sugad nala han ira iginpahayag han Nobyembre ha nakalabay nga tuig, harani an ika-tulo nga anibersaryo han Yolanda. An ira mapan-uwat nga mga aktibidad asya an:

  1. Panhatag hin Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) para kuno “mapa-uswag an kapasidad han pagresponde ha mga kalamidad, serbisyo medikal, pagdonar han mga libro, ngan pagtindog o pag-ayad han mga building han eskwelahan ngan mga health centers o sentro panlawas”;
  2. Livelihood pinaagi han USAID upod han pag-papautang ha gobyerno;
  3. Paghahatag hin joint training exercises agud madugangan an kaaradman han AFP ngan panhatag hin pinaglumaan nga mga armas, sarakyan ngan higamit pan-giyera.
  4. Paghahatag hin mga counterterorrism drill sugad han advance marksmanship ngan counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs), maritime interdiction sugad han natatabo ha West Philippine Sea, ngan amphibious raids.

Ha maiha nga panahon, gingagamit han imperyalista nga US an iya Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) ngan mga pautang ha gobyerno han nasud Pilipinas para gamiton ha pagtutukod hin mga eskwelahan ngan health centers o paghahatag hin mga ayuda ha panahon nga may dagko nga daguraot agud himuon nga mahamot ngan lehitimo an ira “pagbabalik-Pinas”.

Mapapamatud-an ini han singabuton han US an grabe nga danyos nga igindurot han superbagyo Yolanda ha nasud Pilipinas para maipalusot an EDCA nga ginpirmahan ni hadton National Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin ngan US Ambassador Philip Goldberg ilarum han papet nga administrasyon ni Noynoy Aquino, lima la kabulan la matapos lasurbuhon han superbagyo Yolanda an Sinirangan Bisayas.

Iginpamarayaw han US an ira paspas nga panhatag hin ayuda ha mga biktima han superbagyo Yolanda kundi naipakita naman an tinuod nga rason hini. Hadton nakalabay nga tuig, “iginpahinumdom” han US Navy an ira relief and rehabilitation operations ha mga lugar nga naapektuhan han bagyo Yolanda matapos nagpahayag hi Duterte hin mga kritisismo kan anay US President Barack Obama ngan an iya paghulga nga paiwason an mga tropa militar han US ha Pilipinas.

Samtang, makikita liwat nga maiha nga gin-andaman han US ngan han gobyerno han Pilipinas an pagbase han US ha Guiuan ngan Ormoc ha Sinirangan Bisayas dida pa man han mga nakalabay nga tuig. Hadton Mayo 2016, umatendir hi US Ambassador Philip Goldberg ha usa nga seremonya han Millennium Challenge Corporation of the USA ha Eastern Samar kun diin nahilakip an pagpondo hin 222.49-M dolyar nga nakaalotaga para ha pagpaupay ngan rehabilitasyon han Paranas-Taft-Borongan-Guiuan nga dalan.

Dida naman han Septyembre 2016, nadiskusyunan na han alkalde han siyudad han Ormoc nga hi Richard Gomez kaupod an pira nga mga sundalo nga Pilipino ngan Amerikano an pag-host han siyudad han Balikatan kun diin iginpatapod han mga sundalo nga papaupayon nira an peace and order situation ha siyudad. Salit pa man, an igintatanyag han AFP ngan pwersa-militar han US nga “humanitarian” an rason han ira pagbase ha Sinirangan Bisayas in usa la nga buwa ngan utro pagtukod hin pundasyon para ha pagpahaluag han imperyalista nga gahum han US, ngan para gamiton an Pilipinas ha military projection hini kontra ha iba nga nasud nga ira kaaway sugad nala han North Korea. Usa la gihapon ini nga pagtalapas han soberanya han nasud.

Nagin pamaagi liwat ini ha padayon nga pag-kontrol han US ha mga domestic affairs han Pilipinas.

Estratehiko para ha US nga magbase ha Pilipinas

Sugad han mga probisyon ha EDCA, pwede magtukod an US hin kampo ngan mga ginkikinahanglan nga imprastruktura, pasilidad ngan libre nga paggamit han utility (tubig, kuryente, ngan iba pa), magtambak hin armas, dumuong ngan serbisyuhan an ira mga sarakyan pan-giyera, magtukod hin communication facilities, ngan maglansar hin durudilain nga mga aktibidad an bisan ano kadako nga ihap han armado nga pwersa han US ngan mga contractors nira ha tinatawag nga “agreed locations” (ginkaurusahan nga lokasyon) ha Pilipinas sugad han Ormoc ha probinsiya han Leyte ngan Guiuan ha Eastern Samar. An Eastern Visayas aada mismo ha ganggang han Dagat Pasipiko.

Para ha pinakamakusog nga nasud ha bug-os nga kalibutan, an Pilipinas nahimumutang ha pinaka-estratehiko nga lokasyon. Para ha US, paborable nga magpabilin an Pilipinas ha iya dominasyon para makontrol an balyuay ngan komersyo ha rehiyon Asya-Pasipiko nga asya an pinakahaluag nga kuhaan yana han natural nga karikuhan, barato nga hilaw nga materyales, kusog pagtrabaho ngan haluag nga merkado nga baligyaan han iya mga surplus nga produkto kaupod na an pagbaligya hin mga armas ngan higamit pan-giyera.

Nahimumutang ha kadelikaduhan an nasud Pilipinas pinaagi han pagbase han US

Ha pagbalik han base militar han Kano, maghahatag ini hin dalan para magin lansaran an Pilipinas hin giyera ngan panghinlabot han US ha nasud, ngan ha bug-os nga rehiyon. Naibubutang ha kadelikaduhan an rehiyon ngan an bug-os nga nasud tungod han presensya han tropa nga Kano labi na ha presente nga paghulga han North Korea, nga andam hira depensahan an ira kalugaringon soberanya kontra han agresyon han US ngan ada an posibilidad nga bweltahan an mga base-militar han US nga nakaposisyon ha mga alyado hini nga nasud sugad ha Pilipinas.

Samtang, ginpapahitaas naman an tensyon giutan han Pilipinas ngan Tsina ha pagbabase han US ha nasud. Man ngani, ha usa kabahin, gin-admiter naman han anay Presidente han US nga hi Barrack Obama – hadton pagbisita niya ha Pilipinas – nga waray ha kasarabutan an pagprotehir han US ha Pilipinas kontra Tsina ngan waray hira plano nga rub-on an ira maupay nga sabot han Tsina. Pero posible pa ini dumuroy nga kamutang matapos han nakatalaan nga pagbisita ni US President Donald Trump ha nasud dida hiton bulan Nobyembre.

US an numero uno nga makigi-gyerahon ha kalibutan

Di angay hingalimtan nga an US an numero uno nga nagpasamwak hin giyera ha durudilain nga parte han kalibutan sugad nala han nahitatabo yana ha Syria, Afghanistan, pira nga mga nasud ha Middle East ngan Africa, ngan yana nag-anak pa hin mga terorista nga grupo. Mahihigop han Pilipinas an mga atake han damo nga kaaway (aktwal ngan potensyal) han US komo usa nga host han base militar hini.

Kontra-terorismo ngan kontra-insurhensiya la gihap an rason han Balikatan. Ginpapaduroy han US an kontra-insurhensiya ngan kontra-terorismo nga programa han AFP ha nasud. Man ngani, an US la gihap an nangunguna ha kontra-insurhensiya nga programa ilarum han administrasyon Duterte nga gintawag nga Oplan Kapayapaan.

Basar ha news release nga iginpagawas ha US Marines website, may-ada control center an visiting forces ha Cebu ngan mayda hini satellite stations ha Panay island, Ormoc ngan Guiuan kun diin mayda naman hira gintatawag nga simulation han communication systems tikang ha ira command center ha Visayas pero waray klaro nga pahayag kun para diin ini gagamiton. Basar ha mga report, may-ada mga naglulupad-lupad nga drones ha ika-tulo nga distrito han Leyte nga posible kaparte na han ira plano nga interbensyon ha mga rebolusyonaryo nga pwersa ha rehiyon nga naglalansar hin gerra sibil kontra ha gobyerno han Pilipinas.

Diri angay kalimtan an mga pan-abuso ngan krimen han US ha Sinirangan Bisayas

Waray utang nga kaburut-on an katawhan han Sinirangan Bisayas ha Estados Unidos kundi hira pa ngani an angay magbaton ha katawhan ha rehiyon ngan bug-os nga Pilipinas. Kun aton babalikon an kasaysayan ha rehiyon, diri naton angay kalimtan an nahitabo nga pag-masaker han maabot singkwenta mil (50,000) nga mga sibilyan ha Balangiga dida han tuig 1901 kun diin gingamit ni US General Jacob Smith an palisiya nga “scorge the earth!” nga nagpatay han tanan nga kalalakin-an nga na-edad hin 10 anyos tipa-igbaw; ngan an Seige of Calbiga han tuig 1900 nga nagdurot hin danyos nga maabot 150.

Usa naman nga sibilyan an ginpatay hin usa nga US Navy personnel ha usa nga irinuman ha siyudad han Tacloban matapos hini pagkastiguha nga nagin kawsa han iya pagkamatay. Waray ini ginkasuhan han Philippine National Police ngan iginpagawas la nga naligis han garbage truck. Natabo ini dida han tuig-2015. Waray papagbatuna han gobyerno an gin-akusaran ngan hasta yana waray la gihapon katagi hin hustisya an biktima.

Diri naman harayo nga mahitabo utro an diri-makatawo ngan brutal nga pagpatay kan Jennifer Laude han usa nga US Marine nga hi Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton nga nakabase ha Pilipinas tungod han VFA-EDCA. Bisan pa man ha proklamasyon nga diri poyde gumawas ha ira kampo an mga visiting forces kun waray upod nga personnel tikang ha AFP, diri ini garantiya nga waray mahitatabo mga pagtalapas ha katungod han kababayin-an ngan mga LGBT.


Kontra-katawhan an pagtindog han US hin base militar ha Sinirangan Bisayas, o kun diin man nga parte ha Pilipinas

Sukwahi ha igin-hahambog ni Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez ngan Guiuan Mayor Sheen Gonzalez nga pagbulig han tropa han Kano ha ira mga tagsa-tagsa siyudad o bungto, diri pabor para ha mga mulupyo han ira lugar ini nga Balikatan exercises.

Kun titimbangon, guti-ay la an ayuda nga pag-ayad hin mga eskwelahan an iginhahatag han tropa han kano. Lugod, responsibilidad han gobyerno han Pilipinas an mag-tukod hini nga mga imprastruktura. Ha mas haluag nga paglantaw, pwede pa nga may iba pa nga adyenda an mga alkalde para han ira pag-suporta han ehersisyo militar ha ira lugar.

Labot la nga iginbubutang an katawhan Pilipino ha kadelikaduhan pinaagi hin paghimo han US ha Pilipinas komo usa nga base pan-giyera, gingagamit gihapon ini niya ha iya kalugaringon nga interes sugad han pagpahaluag han iya lupgop ngan kontrol ha ekonomiya ha Asya-Pasipiko.

Mahinunumduman nga igindeklara dida han tuig-2008 ni anay Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nga mapihit (Pivot to Asia) an 60 porsyento nga kusog pan-militar han US ha rehiyon Asya-Pasipiko tungod kay ini na an magigin pinakadako nga merkado ha kalibutan ha tuig-2020.

Ginsisiguro han US an iya gahum ngan impluwensya pan-ekonomiya ha bug-os nga rehiyon para dugang nga magpulos an mga monopolyo kapitalista ha ira nasud samtang ginpapabilin nga kablas an katawhan ha mga nasud hini nga rehiyon sugad nala han Pilipinas.

An mga neoliberal nga palisiya nga igin-imponer pinaagi han mga burukrata kapitalista ha sulod han gobyerno han Pilipinas an kawsa han padayon nga mga programa ha pribatisasyon, deregulasyon ngan liberalisasyon.

Apektado hini an katawhan Pilipino sugad han maiha na nga panahon nga pagtagundiri ha libre nga panhatag han tuna ha mga parag-uma. Ginpapadayon an atrasado ngan pre-industriyal ekonomiya tungod han monopolyo nga kontrol han pipira la nga mga pamilya ngan korporasyon ha dako nga parte han katunaan ha Pilipinas.

Padayon nga pinapaboran han gobyerno han Pilipinas an mga dagko nga kapitalista tungod han padayon nga kontraktwalisasyon ha mga trabahador, paghitaas han matrikula ha mga eskoylahan, pag-iban han badyet ha sektor han serbisyo sosyal sugad ha edukasyon ngan panlawas, pagbaligya ha pribado nga sektor han mga importante nga utilities sugad han kuryente ngan tubig, ngan iba pa.

Ulang ha pagkab-ot hin kamurayawan an presensya han mga Kano ha nasud

Yana nga iginduduso han katawhan Pilipino an tinuod nga reporma para ha mga kablas ngan yana nga mayda pag-abre an administrasyon Duterte para ha iristorya pangkamurayawan, makusog liwat an mga pitad han mga maka-tuo ngan maka-US nga paksyon ha sulod han administrasyon nga igsabotahe ini. Man ngani, ginngaranan han US nga mga terorista an rebolusyonaryo nga grupo han CPP-NPA.

Iginpapatuman han US an iya interbensyon gamit an mga instrumento ha pamuypoy han estado sugad han AFP ha pagdumara ni National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana ngan han mga maka-US generals nga nagsusulsol ha gobyerno Duterte nga magin pabaru-bag-o ha katindog mahitungod han pagduso hin kamurayawan nga nakabasar ha hustisya.

Ha giya han US counter-insurgency (COIN) guide, nahimugna an Oplan Kapayapaan nga ha esensya pagpadayon la han nakalabay nga Oplan. Nagpabilin nga militarista an daup han AFP ha pagpuypoy ha armado nga rebelyon ha Pilipinas samtang gintatahuban ini pinaagi han kuno Community Development Projects o an anay Peace and Development projects.

Pangunahan han mga patriyotiko nga pwersa an panawagan nga igbasura an diri-patas nga mga tratado militar ngan kasarabutan ha ekonomiya!

Kinahanglan magkaurusa an katawhan Pilipino para ig-insister an aton soberanya ngan ipatuman han gobyerno Duterte an independent foreign policy. Kinahanglan masabtan han katawhan, partikular han mga mulopyo han Sinirangan Bisayas an prinsipal nga katuyuanan han Balikatan 2017 nga asya an padayon nga interbensyon han US ha internal affairs (iristoryahon pansakob) han Pilipinas.

Militante ngan agresibo nga maglansar hin mga paggios kontra ha Balikatan ngan anupaman nga porma han “mutual” military exercises. Kinahanglan naton igbuksas, ipanawagan ngan gumios nga igbasura an diri-patas nga mga tratado sugad han Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA), Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) ngan Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

Dugang nga magin mabinantayon ha pagudti-gudti nga ayuda nga iginhahatag han US ha porma han Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) kun diin kabalyo hini an dagko ngan mapanhibang nga palisiya han gobyerno Pilipinas nga mas napabor ha interes han US.

Maksimisahon an ngatanan nga oportunidad nga igduso an gobyerno Duterte nga 1) palayason an mga pwersa-militar han US ha nasud; 2) magin tangkod ha iya mga pahayag pagduso hin usa nga independent foreign policy; 3) igsulong an tinuod nga reporma para ha katawhan nga sukwahi ha reporma nga igintatanyag han imperyalista nga US.

Kinahanglan pangunahan han mga progresibo ngan patriyotiko nga pwersa an pag-urusa ha katawhan pinaagi han padayon nga pagpukaw, pag-organisa ngan pagpagios agud igbuksas ngan atuhan an mga maniobra han US ha natad pan-militar ngan pan-ekonomiya.

Kinahanglan naton igpakita an rebolusyonaryo ngan militante nga tradisyon ha pag-insister han aton lugaring nga soberanya. Diri tugutan han katawhan nga igsabotahe han US ngan han AFP an larang han katawhan nga magkamay-ada kamurayawan nga nakabasar ha hustisya.###


Maksimisahon an ngatanan nga midyum ngan porma han pagpukaw, pag-organisa ngan pagpagios han katawhan ha iba-iba nga sektor ngan lugar panarabahuan. Maksimisahon an social media ngan an tradisyunal nga midyum han radyo ngan TV para igbandera an makatadungan nga pagtipa ha Balikatan. Himuon an tanan nga creative ngan partikular nga pamaagi ha kada tagsa nga sektor agud epektibo nga maipasamwak an makatadungan nga mensahe.

Yana nga Mayo 15, bunyog ha usa gios protesta nga pagbubuhaton harani ha Leyte Provincial Capitol, nga sasabayan hin magkadirudilain nga parte han Sinirangan Bisayas. Ha maabot naman nga Hunyo 12, usa nga panhiluagan nga mobilisasyon han magkadurudilain nga sektor ha rehiyon an magkakatitirok ha usa nga gios-protesta ha siyudad han Tacloban para ha nasudnon nga pagkaurusa kontra ha Balikatan ngan imperyalismo nga US.