Bayan-EV on An Waray’s disqualification

Posted Sunday at 11:25am ·

Bayan Eastern Visayas (BAYAN-EV) declares that AN WARAY is simply one of those bogus Party Lists in Congress today as it joined the ranks of traditional politicians. It has drifted further away from being a party for the marginalized and underrepresented.

Upon disqualification of AKO BICOL regional political party, a question was raised if AN WARAY would be next. However, if the Comelec’s decision on AKO BICOL be the immediate precedent for its disqualification, AN WARAY could not be easily qualified as such in technical terms.

In fact, AN WARAY has registered itself as a multi-sectoral national political party which is required by law to mount a national electoral campaign compared to that of a senator.

According to their website, AN WARAY does not point towards the Waray ethnic group or the Waray people mostly based in the Eastern Visayas region. As they claim, AN WARAY is more like “ANG WALA” in Tagalog. Creatively, they instantly claimed to be the representatives of the “have-nots” particularly the poor who owns less and deprived of a good socio-economic status.

Ironically, AN WARAY Representatives Florencio”Bem Noel” and Neil Benedict Montejo are ranking high from among Party List representatives owning millions-worth of assets. Montejo is, nonetheless, the 19th richest while Noel is the 28th richest Party List representative. As clear as the midday sun, they DO HAVE and have LOTS of it. 

They don’t qualify to be marginalized representatives on the basis of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ang Bagong Bayani vs.COMELEC case. Aside from their representatives, AN WARAY must also be disqualified in due course.

At the very least, BAYAN avers that this Party List did not champion the rights and welfare of the Waray-waray majority who are mostly peasants, workers, urban poor, low-paying professionals, et al.

For one, their bill to boost the Coconut Industry is misplaced and disoriented. More essentially, they DID not support the passage of the GENUINE AGRARIAN REFORM BILL filed in Congress nor the passage of the 125 across the board wage increase for minimum wage earners.

They DID NOT OPPOSE the intensified militarization which has displaced thousands of families at least in Eastern Visayas. Instead, it regularly exhibits and prides itself among other Party Lists who are also active in the region as “the only one” who “generously fund” medical assistance in form of cash or medicines to numerous beneficiaries. However, they just KEPT SILENT in the plan to privatize the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center, the biggest public hospital in the region more accessible than any other private hospital in the region.

AN WARAY has also become TRAPO! Where can you find a marginalized Party List which regularly airs promotional advertisements in radio NOT at least for its “pro-marginalized” advocacy but for self gratification and bannering token services. One of the most controversial issue for a so-called marginalized representative is being engaged in traditional dirty politics of VOTE-BUYING.

As such, like AKBAYAN and other bogus and TRAPO Party Lists, they must face disqualification and be barred henceforth from participating in the 2013 national midterm elections.

The People’s Agenda must be the main advocacy for the real marginalized and underrepresented sectors.



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