Bayan-EV to Noel: Think it Over, a Partylist Representative is, foremost, a Legislator for the Marginalized

November 13, 2012

News Release

Progressive group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) in Eastern Visayas assailed today what An Waray Representative Florencio “Bem” Noel said in response to a series of questions directed against An Waray’s legitimacy to stay within the framework of the Party List system. Early morning yesterday, Noel aired his reaction through the local radio, breaking a long period of silence.


In his statement, Noel announced he would shut down their office operations temporarily so “people asking for assistance from them would turn to BAYAN-EV for help to prove the latter’s futility to assist”. On the other hand, BAYAN-EV Secretary General Jun Berino said Noel is deviating from the main case in point, which is: An Waray’s almost zero legislation in Congress to serve a lasting benefit of the marginalized sectors.


As reported in a local newspaper, businessman and An Waray Representative Neil Benedict Montejo enumerated that they represent the “peasants, fisher folks, labor, urban poor, etc.” Their website also clarifies the term An Waray to mean the “have-nots” or “ang mga wala” in Filipino but BAYAN-EV exposed that Noel and Montejo are not “have-nots” but multi-millionaires.


Meanwhile, BAYAN-EV also explained to the public that that their move stems from factual scrutiny of legislations principally authored by the said partylist – not merely from projects or programs – which he described as having “no direct correlation to the sectors they claim to represent”. Berino reminded Noel that a Partylist representative is foremost a legislator, not a mere fund distributor of the government.



Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Eastern Visayas, 0916-911-2676


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