Noel’s Tirade against Progressive Groups is Childish, Arrogant, Unbecoming – Bayan-EV

November 13, 2012

News Release

An Waray Representative Florencio “Bem” Noel announced yesterday morning that he would shut down their office operations temporarily so “people asking for assistance from them would turn to Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Eastern Visayas (BAYAN-EV).” Noel declared it as a reaction to the BAYAN-EV’s move to disqualify An Waray from the Partylist roll.


Berino retorted that Noel’s action is a “political vendetta” against progressive groups who are questioning their non-filing of legislations with long-term rather than band-aid solutions to deep-rooted problems of the people.


“Aside from portraying himself (Noel) like a brat pleading for public sympathy from being pushed towards the corner, he is actually exposing himself that he lacks real understanding of the Partylist law for reacting in such a manner,” said Berino. He also lambasted Noel for being arrogant and inciting instead these marginalized organizations to engage him in a showdown of “who-can-give-more-and-who-can-not-do.”


Meanwhile, Berino clarified they have no plans to compete on the issue of funding. Berino explained further that BAYAN-EV, itself, do not have the capacity to even rent for their own office since, according to him, “their organization is not like the well-endowed An Waray with regular funding, and they only rely solely on support coming from allied organizations that are likewise marginalized.”


In his statement yesterday, Noel haphazardly accused another organization like Bayan Muna, not just BAYAN-EV, that the initiated move for disqualification is mere politicking. Meanwhile, BAYAN-EV chided Noel for “talking without knowing at least the basic fact about the organization he is responding to and even going to the extent of taking as hostage and depriving the people of funds at his present management but he does not, in fact, own”.


As an incumbent partylist, An Waray still controls a maximum of 140-million peso worth of Pork Barrel fund this year. Berino backlashed at Noel that “His craving for political revenge is a rather childish, arrogant and unbecoming for a supposed public servant.”



Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Eastern Visayas, 0916-911-2676


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