SEPT 21 PROTEST | #WarayPagbabago, Burukrata Kapitalismo tikang kan Marcos tubtob kan Aquino!


Plunder raps have been charged already against major personalities who were implicated by the 10-billion peso Pork Barrel scam involving so-called scam-queen Janet Lim-Napoles and company. However, the search for real accountability and the people’s demand to punish the plunderers is of less concern of the Aquino government and only prompted by massive protests and display of unprecedented public outrage since Aquino was installed in 2010. Meanwhile, there seems an orchestrated effort to suppress the issue itself.

One of the very first attempts to suppress the spontaneous anger of the people is made by the President himself when he spoke to the public that he was “abolishing” the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF but later on mentioned only “reforms” are being made hence technically maintaining the anomalous Pork Barrel of Congress. Aquino’s habitual doublespeak failed to pacify the public. The people persisted and went ahead to protest at the streets and on the internet. His minions tagged the demonstration as “hypocritical”. It agitated the people further. His propaganda fancy claimed the protesting public as his “dumaraming kakampi”. The people rejected his claim and put him to shame and isolation.

Plunder raps have been charged yet the selective prosecution sans his allies in Congress such as the Angaras, Akbayan’s former rep Risa Hontiveros and his present Interior secretary Mar Roxas appears to be the “undisclosed deal” sealed between Aquino and Napoles when the latter “surrendered” at the Malacanang Palace. Meanwhile, Aquino and his cohorts, aided by the yellow media, avoids touching the Trillion-peso Pork Barrel. The Aquino government’s actions were not exactly responsive to what the people wanted, i.e., ABOLISH THE PORK BARREL SYSTEM and rechannel it to social services.

The people’s rejection of this system of corruption in government – exhibited since the successful Million People March – persists yet the completeness of the struggle is still far from being fulfilled. (See more The people’s rejection of this system is also historical as alluded to the persistent anti-Marcos dictatorship struggle of the people which was characterized by the massive plunder of public wealth by the Marcos government. It made a few people richer at the expense of the poor.

As we commemorate 41 years since Martial Law was declared, we heighten our resolve to confront and end this system of greed which has transformed government positions as “profitable business” among the ruling few. The reformist and doublespeak king Aquino does not want to end this same system that has existed even before Martial Law. This system of BUREAUCRAT CAPITALISM in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal Philippine society sows this unspeakable plunder that leaves majority of the Filipino people hungry and dying.

Mayaman ang Pilipinas pero naghihirap ang sambayanang Pilipino! Walang pagbabago sa ilalim ni Aquino!

Once again, we must persist, we must unite further and we must strive for accountability and social justice as an immediate cause. Ultimately, our persistence would lead us to ending this system of bureaucrat capitalism and other basic ills of Philippine society.

#WarayPagbabago, Burukrata Kapitalismo tikang kan Marcos tubtob kan Aquino!

Let’s #LevelUp. We are joining the Nationwide Action to #AbolishPork.

We support the Ecumenical Action for Accountability and Social Justice called for by the local anti-pork barrel alliance #UMAKSYON (1:00 PM, RTR Plaza).

We #NeverPORKget Protest afterwards (4:00 PM, Rizal Avenue (beside Lucky Hardware), Tacloban City).