US troops benevolent presence, humanitarian assistance in PH a Trojan horse

Press Release
October 16, 2014
US troops benevolent presence, humanitarian assistance in PH a Trojan horse

The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan formation in Eastern Visayas (Bayan-EV) expressed today its support for the family of slain transgendered woman Jeffrey/Jennifer Laude in their battle for justice. A US Marine personnel based in Subic is once again suspect for the said killing. Bayan-EV Secretary Genera; Rey Miranda said that the brutal killing of Laude, whose family hails from the Yolanda-ravaged province of Leyte, proves that the continuing presence of US troops in the Philippines is not a boon but a bane to the Filipino people.

“US imperialism has never been a friend of the Filipino people, and that is the historical truth the people of Eastern Visayas know all too well,” said Miranda. “The US troops who massacred 50,000 civilians in Balangiga and the entire Samar in their colonizing campaign in 1901 are no different from the US troops who are here today in the name of US imperialist hegemony.”

Bayan-EV noted the US has used its troops for non-military purposes to further its strategic interests throughout the world since the 1990s but especially in the new millennium. “In doing ‘friendly military exercises‘ and humanitarian missions in various places in the country, it was found to be beneficial for US diplomacy to use troops for non-military work to raise American prestige, while still ensuring political, economic, and military goals.”

“To note, the US took advantage of the 2004 Asian tsunami to solidify its ties to the Indonesian government and seal arms deals. During the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, US troops were deployed to soothe the people’s outrage over the abusive presence of the US military on Okinawa. Only lately, US troops have been sent to the oil-rich Western Africa region because of the Ebola epidemic. There is no altruism behind all these, only the self-serving interests of US imperialism. Benevolence through humanitarian assistance/disaster response is merely the Trojan horse of the US military,” adds Miranda.

The US and the Aquino regime, Bayan-EV said, also collaborated to ensure the non-termination of the lopsided Visiting Forces Agreement which allows the US to take custody of erring US servicemen including the suspect to the recent killing. The VFA precedes the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) passed by the Aquino government. “In the same weight as the VFA, the EDCA blatantly violates Philippine sovereignty by turning our country into a virtual US military base. Particularly in Eastern Visayas after the November 2013 Yolanda supertyphoon, the matter of humanitarian assistance/disaster response through the Pacific Partnership 2014 (PP14) was included to justify the prolonged stay of US troops and the use of civilian airports and seaports to accommodate US military craft.”

Bayan-EV said the Filipino people must reject the Trojan horse of US military benevolence The Aquino government which gave license for the massive entry of US troops especially after Yolanda, ensured the passage of the EDCA and the persistence of the VFA, deserves the people’s condemnation. “Aquino betrayed our national sovereignty and continues to allow impunity to reign over the case of Laude. The VFA and EDCA must be terminated. It is extremely obnoxious for pretenders to deny the crimes of the US military in the Philippines. This case, among others, is an added reason for the people to oust a treasonous government that has long sold out Filipinos to foreign predators,” ends Miranda.


Rey Miranda
Secretary General
Bayan Eastern Visayas